June 21, 2024 | The Licensing Journal

Top Ten Current Key Copyright Issues and Pitfalls Affecting Nonprofits

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Linda Zirkelbach, George Constantine, and Andrew Steinberg published “Top Ten Current Key Copyright Issues and Pitfalls Affecting Nonprofits” in the June issue of The Licensing Journal. The following is an excerpt:

With decades of experience assisting nonprofit clients with copyright issues, we periodically like to offer refreshers on key copyright issues and highlight current trends we see nonprofit organizations encounter with copyrights. Below are some of the key copyright issues that we have found increasingly relevant to nonprofits of all sizes and types.

1. A Copyright Automatically Exists Upon Creation. A copyright is a type of intellectual property that exists once an original work of authorship is created. Copyright registration has significant benefits, as will be discussed below, but a copyright exists automatically even without a registration.