Employment Law for Nonprofits

Employment law.

Venable's labor and employment group provides counsel in every aspect of employment law as it applies to nonprofit organizations, including:

  • employment policies and agreements;
  • employee benefits;
  • litigation in federal and state EEO agencies and in court;
  • mediation, arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution;
  • age, race, sex, disability and other discrimination claims;
  • compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and comparable state statutes;
  • sexual harassment allegations and investigations;
  • affirmative action planning;
  • employment class actions;
  • hiring, firing and promotion concerns;
  • overtime rules, exempt versus non-exempt classification, and compensable time issues;
  • independent contractor versus employee classification;
  • executive contracts and compensation;
  • National Labor Relations Board mandates for non-unionized and unionized employers;
  • social media policies and practices;
  • privacy concerns;
  • defamation claims;
  • disputes with unions; and
  • occupational health and safety matters.