Government Grants and Contracts for Nonprofits

Government grants and contracts are a major source of funding and revenue for nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits that recover federal funds, however, are subject to a myriad of regulatory compliance requirements. Unlike other funding sources, government agencies have seemingly limitless resources to audit and investigate grantees and contractors, which may result in the clawback of funds and/or the imposition of civil or criminal penalties. In addition to the Uniform Guidance issued by the Office of Management and Budget for federal grants and cooperative agreements, there are numerous other statutes and regulations and guidance that underpin the expenditure of a particular government awards. 

Venable has an experienced team of attorneys conversant in these laws and regulations and is recognized as a thought leader in the industry. Venable’s attorneys are particularly known for providing practical advice aimed at real-world implementation. 

When questions or disputes arise, we regularly liaise with agency executives, protecting our clients’ rights while understanding that maintaining a positive relationship with the federal customer is often of paramount importance. Finally, if things go awry, our practitioners are well versed and experienced in conducting internal investigations, assisting clients in developing and implementing corrective action plans, conducting staff and board training sessions, recommending and making appropriate disclosures to government authorities, and working diligently to resolve any issues as favorably and efficiently as possible.

We have represented numerous nonprofits in Office of Inspector General investigations and audits, U.S. Department of Justice investigations, and similar federal, state, and local government enforcement efforts. Finally, Venable attorneys have represented and counseled clients facing debarment by every major federal agency under both the procurement and non-procurement procedures. Our experience and reputation have enabled us to negotiate favorable resolutions with the government that permit our clients to continue to seek and perform government work while satisfying the government that they are "responsible" partners. 

In addition to the breadth of specific grant experience, the Venable Government Grants and Contracts team is supported by a nationally renowned Nonprofit Practice. Our full-service capabilities provide clients with a one-stop shop for all of their legal needs, and equip us to provide holistic legal advice that takes into account all areas of potential growth and risk.