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Privacy Program Implementation and Support

Our data security and privacy attorneys and professionals work with your organization’s legal, privacy, and product teams to develop and implement privacy programs that are designed to be both flexible and robust. These efforts are designed to suit your business needs while assuredly addressing your legal and compliance obligations.

Assess - Respond - Connect

Venable can provide more than just leading legal advice on privacy matters. Venable assists organizations in adopting best-in-class privacy processes and playbooks, including organizational policies, training programs, and incident response procedures. Regardless of its size or maturity, Venable partners with you to evaluate and optimize your privacy program through implementation and support services. Our services meet you and your organization where you are, in the following ways.

Establishing a New Privacy Program

In smaller organizations that have lean legal departments and do not have dedicated privacy headcount, Venable can work with you at the start to develop the right privacy notices and customer controls in your product experience. We help you understand how to build a privacy program from the ground up; this includes guidance on data governance process development, managing privacy risk, staffing models and support, and being your on-call “chief privacy officer,” as your program grows over time with your business.

Scaling an Existing Privacy Program

As your organization grows and your use of data becomes more complex and varied, Venable will work with your growing legal and privacy teams to identify opportunities to scale your privacy organization and impact. This includes guidance on how privacy can be a key part of your overall business data strategy, looking at privacy as a dimension of brand identity, and helping to align your legal, privacy, and data science goals as part of building a strong privacy program.

Your Privacy “Back Bench”

Organizations need staffing and headcount flexibility as business needs evolve. You may not always have the staffing support in your legal and privacy organizations that you need. Venable is here to help you fill these gaps in the short term or for longer engagements. We can also assist in times of crisis to help your team meet unexpected and time-sensitive needs with legal, product, and communication guidance. We are able to be a trusted partner, advisor, and sounding board to your company’s leadership team or board of directors as privacy issues arise, drawing on our years of practical experience to help you navigate.

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