Law360 features new LA based real estate team

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This week, Venable announced the addition of three partners – Mitch Evall, Andy Schmerzler, and Alen Aguilar – to spearhead the growth of the firm’s newly established West Coast Real Estate Practice. Evall focuses his practice on real estate and has extensive experience in acquisitions and dispositions, leasing, financing, and development. Schmerzler’s practice has an emphasis on the acquisition, disposition, financing and leasing of shopping centers, office buildings, movie theatres, multi-family residential developments, amusement parks, restaurants and industrial locations for institutional and individual clients. Aguilar represents private and institutional investors and lenders in real estate matters across all asset types in California and throughout the United States. News of the group’s move was featured in a March 27, 2012 Law360 article.

Commenting on his decision to join Venable, Evall said, “This was a perfect opportunity to combine all the strengths of a big firm with the adventuresome feel of a smaller firm… It's the best of both worlds.” Noting that he has advised several major studios in the Los Angeles area on real estate matters, Evall said, “They're big clients, and they do a lot of work in real estate.” Looking forward to the development of the West Coast real estate practice, Evall said, “We're looking to expand the practice on the West Coast, exploit the opportunity that Southern California offers from a real estate law standpoint and work with the main real estate lawyers back east to service the firm's national needs on the West Coast.” Speaking about Peter Koffler, who recently joined Venable to lead the New York Real Estate Group, Evall said, “He seemed like a really good guy and I've heard nothing but good things about him.”