March 28, 2012

Law360 features Venable appellate victory on behalf of Attransco

1 min

Last week, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals affirmed a Circuit Court ruling that the son of merchant mariner failed to provide sufficient evidence supporting a $10 million jury verdict in an asbestos suit against Venable client Attransco Inc. News of Venable’s victory was featured in a March 26, 2012 Law360 article.

Commenting on the court’s decision, Venable partner and Attransco attorney Craig Thompson said, “The initial award was particularly significant because the plaintiff was the son of an employee and that employee only worked around others who worked with asbestos,” meaning that the plaintiff was “three times removed” from Attransco. Thompson added, “If this huge verdict was upheld, it could have significantly altered Maryland law on the issue of take-home exposure… Fortunately the trial court and the court of special appeals did not let that happen.”

In addition to Thompson, Attransco was also represented by Venable of counsel Michael De Vinne.