Internet advertising self-regulation efforts led by Venable attorneys featured in several high-profile news outlets

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In response to calls by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to develop self-regulatory codes of conduct, Venable’s privacy team, led by partners Stu Ingis and Milo Cividanes, helped facilitate cooperation among the various interests to achieve enhanced, transparent and effective self-regulation for the collection and use of online information. This initiative created effective self-regulation of leading Internet, advertising, and media companies for Internet advertising and privacy.

The Venable team’s work was highlighted during a February 23, 2012 White House meeting on consumer internet privacy. Ingis spoke at the White House event along with Gene Sperling, Chief Economic Advisor to the President; John Bryson, the United States Secretary of Commerce; and Jon Leibowitz, Chairman of the FTC.

Reflecting on the cooperation between government and major internet advertisers, Ingis said, “This process has proven that government and private interests can work together effectively when they approach critical issues in a constructive, goal-oriented manner. We will continue to work with all parties toward workable solutions that encourage this vital part of America’s internet-based economy while acknowledging the need to protect consumers.”

Since the White House event, more than 100 articles on Ingis’ and Cividanes’ work have been published by several high-profile news outlets including the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and USA Today.

In addition to Ingis and Cividanes, the Venable team also included associates Kelly DeMarchis, Tara Sugiyama Potashnik, Michael Signorelli and Julia Kernochan Tama.