October 12, 2012

Jonathan Pompan published "FTC to Place Spotlight on Robocalls" in DM Confidential

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Venable of counsel Jonathan Pompan published “FTC to Place Spotlight on Robocalls” in the October 11, 2012 issue of DM Confidential. In the article Pompan promotes a one-day summit on October 18 hosted by the Federal Trade Commission entitled “Robocalls All the Rage.”

According to Pompan, “The FTC’s agenda for the summit covers a wide range of telemarketing-related topics, including a report on the current state of the robocall technology and the industry, along with a discussion of the laws surrounding the use of robocalls.” The summit is also expected to include a discussion on technological solutions to illegal robocalls including caller-ID spoofing and call-authentication technology, data mining and anomaly detection, and call-blocking technology.