Legal Bisnow features Venable hosted cybersecurity briefing

1 min

On March 11, 2013 Venable hosted a briefing on the Cybersecurity Executive Order signed by President Obama last month. The Executive Order starts the process of drafting a comprehensive set of cybersecurity standards that will apply to businesses across a series of industries, including energy, telecommunications, defense, financial services, and transportation. Venable partners Jamie Barnett, Stu Ingis, Anthony Rosso, John Bowman, Jim BurnleyDiz Locaria and Brian Zimmet presented the briefing which included Ari Schwartz, Senior Policy Advisor to the Secretary of Commerce, and Adam Sedgewick, Senior Information Technology Policy Advisor at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. News of the briefing was featured in the March 14, 2013 issue of Legal Bisnow.

During the briefing, Admiral Barnett advised companies impacted by the Executive Order to “get involved on the front end,” adding that it is a “major step forward, but I wouldn't want any company to walk away thinking they can just choose not to follow the standards because they're called voluntary.”

Click here to watch a full-length video of the briefing.