May 07, 2013

Nonprofit Business Advisor interviews Diz Locaria and Melanie Totman on proposed OMB changes impacting nonprofit grants and contracts

1 min

Venable partner Diz Locaria and associate Melanie Totman were interviewed in the May 2013 edition of Nonprofit Business Advisor about the Government Contracts Practice Group’s recently released newsletter, “Federal Grant & Contract News for Nonprofits.” They also spoke about recent Office of Management and Budget (OMB) proposals that could impact nonprofit grants and contracts. Some of OMB’s proposed changes were covered in the Venable newsletter.

Interested parties had until the beginning of the month to comment on the proposed changes before OMB issued a final rule, an interim rule, or more proposed changes. “Industry may be able to nibble around the edges, especially if there's something brought up that the OMB hadn't thought of, but conceptually (the OMB) is likely set in what it wants to do,” Locaria said. According to Totman, “any final rule that OMB issues may clarify ambiguities in the proposed rule and provide further definitions and guidance in response to industry comments.”

Locaria and chair of Venable's Nonprofit Organizations Group Jeff Tenenbaum created the "Federal Grant & Contract News for Nonprofits" newsletter in late 2012. Click here to view the most recent edition.