December 08, 2015

Washington Post and Baltimore Sun quote Mitch Mirviss on Baltimore’s Chief Deputy State's Attorney

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Venable partner Mitch Mirviss was quoted in the Washington Post and Baltimore Sun on Baltimore's Chief Deputy State's Attorney and former Venable partner Michael Schatzow. Schatzow is one of the lead prosecutors in a trial seeking to hold six Baltimore police officers accountable for the death of a suspect in their custody earlier this year. After working as a prosecutor in one of the largest espionage trials in U.S., history, Schatzow spent nearly three decades at Venable before joining the State Attorney's Office earlier this year.

"He wanted to get into the mix, and try to help make the criminal justice system work for the people," Mirviss said commenting on Schatzow's desire to return to public service. "He also loves tough legal challenges and to roll up his shirt sleeves and dive into a case." Mirviss also described Schatzow as "smart and hardworking but also funny and quick-witted."