USAE features upcoming Venable webinar on trademark and copyright issues facing nonprofits

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On July 18, 2016, USAE featured an article on an upcoming webinar hosted by Venable partners Jeff Tenenbaum, Andrew Price, and Justin Pierce on trademark and copyright issues facing nonprofits. The August 17 webinar will focus on some of the latest developments in trademark and copyright law and procedures around the globe, and their impact on nonprofits. It will also offer practical strategies for nonprofits to exploit IP opportunities and avoid or minimize crisis situations resulting from missteps.

"The world is changing rapidly right now, especially in Europe, China, and Cuba," said Price. "One thing that has not changed is registration is king as a mode of protection." He added that potential IP infringers see trademarks as low hanging fruit that can be obtained without much cost. This can be disruptive for growing organizations. When discussing global IP matters, Price said organizations should consider key brand, countries, and goods and services.