October 18, 2016

GlobeSt.com quotes Stephanie DeLong on promoting women in multifamily finance

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Venable partner Stephanie DeLong was quoted in an October 18, 2016 GlobeSt.com article on promoting women in multifamily finance. DeLong made the comments while serving on a panel at a Women in Multifamily event in Miami on October 17.

DeLong said younger women entering the workforce "need to be told they have a path they can climb and it is incumbent on us to give them the necessary tools and skills." Aside from technical training, she said they should be encouraged to move beyond their comfort zone. "We have to tell them it is okay to fail." DeLong also emphasized the importance of networking. "Being in the right place at the right time is half of the battle," she said. "It is not enough to come to work and do good work for 12 hours a day. You have to get to know people." Finally, DeLong encouraged employers to stop talking about work-life balance. "There is no such thing as a pure balance and it is a disservice to try to impose that myth on women."