February 06, 2018

IP Pro the Internet quotes Justin Pierce in an article about the uncertainty and concern surrounding the rise of 3D printing

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Justin Pierce was quoted in IP Pro the Internet on February 6, 2018, about 3D printing's uncertainty and unexpected impact on intellectual property rights.

Commenting on 3D printing, Mr. Pierce said that 3D printing has had a "significant and positive impact in certain industries thus far."

He continued to say that, "Many companies involved in aeronautics, medical devices, surgical tools, and tissue and organ engineering have harnessed the benefits of 3D printing to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the products and components their offer."

He comments that there are few sources of hard data on the cost of 3D printing-related IP infringement or counterfeiting and, while many attorneys and legal commentators have expressed concerns about the potential for abuse of the technology, it appears that the industries and IP supporting 3D printing are "healthy and robust."

Pierce also extends an invitation for companies to harness the benefits of 3D printing technologies. He argues: "Savvy brand owners and manufacturers can harness the benefits of 3D printing technology to offer a wide variety of product accessories, and efficiently offer replacement parts. By proactively using 3D printing to both produce high quality goods and enable greater consumer access to one’s brand, businesses have much to gain from an early investment in this market."