December 18, 2020

Reuters Covers Nora Garrote’s New Position as Partner in Charge of Diversity and Inclusion

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On December 18, 2020, Nora Garrote’s appointment to the newly created role of partner in charge of diversity and inclusion was covered by Reuters. In this role, Ms. Garrote will develop and implement programs, outreach, and mentoring opportunities that foster diversity, equity, and inclusion within the firm.

Ms. Garrotte told Reuters that she is excited to work with other partners and departments "to bring diversity and inclusion into every aspect of our office."

She now advises Venable management on tracking demographic metrics for attorneys and business services professionals, develops external partnerships, and collaborates with other committee members to ensure the success of the firm's diversity initiatives.

Although she is the current top diversity professional at Venable, Ms. Garrote said the firm is looking to hire a chief diversity, equity, and inclusion officer in the first quarter of 2021 who will work alongside her and her committee.

"We believe that we need a professional who will be 100% dedicated to this — somebody with a lot of experience in other environments," Ms. Garrote said.

Ms. Garrote is also co-chair of the Intellectual Property Transactions Group. Her practice focuses on technology and intellectual property transactions and counseling, internet and new media law, technology transfers, and entertainment.

Ms. Garrote’s appointment was also covered by DC CityBizList and General Counsel News.