February 12, 2021

Above the Law Quotes Nick Reiter on the Increased Demand for Labor and Employment Attorneys in the Pandemic Era

2 min

On February 12, 2021, Nick Reiter was quoted in Above the Law on the increased demand for labor and employment attorneys in the pandemic era.

According to the article, the COVID-19 pandemic has put labor and employment attorneys in the hot seat as clients need more advice than ever.

“On a typical day there is a random portion of my client base that reaches out to me for advice, even clients I didn’t plan to hear from that day,” said Reiter. “But when the COVID pandemic came every client reached out, every client needed advice, no one was immune to COVID. Everyone needed to make really big decisions.”

These decisions may have involved safety protocols in the workplace and the attendant liability concerns, furloughs, layoffs, wage reductions, remote work, insurance coverage, and the navigation of federal programs. While these decisions certainly drew in other practice areas, employment attorneys were central. 

“I don’t think anybody’s surprised that labor and employment attorneys were in higher demand as a result of the pandemic,” Reiter said. “We had a flurry of new laws and regulations issued at a fast pace at the federal, state, and local level. Our clients needed advice on these, and how to deal with other issues like shutting down offices and keeping up worker productivity. Those were fast paced times for everyone and now we’ve settled in.”

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