Venable assisted Cobis Systems Corporation (Cobis), a U.S.-based banking software company with an established customer base in the Americas, in the sale of an 84% equity stake to Topaz Participações S.A., a Brazilian subsidiary of the Stefanini Group, one of the largest technology companies in the world (Stefanini Group). The deal, which closed on December 30, 2021, involved reorganization of the Cobis Group and a simultaneous stock sale to the Stefanini Group. The Venable team was led by Philip von Mehren, who was assisted by Poornima Gopoji and Maggie GoffMichael BloomMatthew CarruthJohn WilhelmBenjamin StockmanRyann AaronFriedemann ThommaBecca ChappellMichael SchifferJeffrey OstragerEric Prager, and Elise Lindenmayer also contributed to the effort.