November 15, 2023

Leo Vaccaro Padrón Appointed to the New York City Bar Association’s Task Force on Puerto Rico

2 min

The New York City Bar has invited Leo Vaccaro Padrón to serve on the Puerto Rico Task Force of the New York City Bar Association for a term beginning October 10, 2023. In her new role as a committee member, Leo will have the opportunity to be involved in drafting reports, commenting and testifying on legislation, submitting briefs, sponsoring continuing legal education and other programs, and participating in public service projects.

The New York City Bar formed the Task Force on Puerto Rico in 2016 to monitor and comment on, as appropriate, Puerto Rico's current fiscal crisis, the enactment of the Puerto Rico Oversight Management and Economic Stability Act of 2016 (PROMESA), and the creation of the Fiscal Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico (the Board) pursuant to PROMESA.

The Task Force has commented on the actions of various stakeholders impacted by Puerto Rico’s Fiscal Plan, which serves as the linchpin for establishing Puerto Rico's budget for the upcoming fiscal year and determining the parameters of any consensual agreements or plans of adjustment to restructure its debt. The Task Force also focuses on concerns about the impact of PROMESA-related actions on the human rights of the residents of Puerto Rico and how any mandated austerity measures can be balanced by stimulus measures and other actions designed to maintain the essential services required by the residents of Puerto Rico. Since Hurricane Maria, the Task Force has also been focusing on adding its voice to the reconstruction of Puerto Rico. 

The Task Force currently comprises members of New York City Bar Committees on Bankruptcy and Corporate Reorganization, Inter-American Affairs, International Human Rights, and International Law. Additional information about the Task Force can be found here.