November 1, 2021 - ET

InFin MoneyTrends

To Boldly Go: New Frontiers in Fair Lending

This event has already occurred.

Venable attorneys Allen Denson and Jonathan Pompan will present “To Boldly Go: New Frontiers in Fair Lending” at the 2021 InFin MoneyTrends conference on November 1. In this panel, legal experts will talk about fair lending from the front lines of product development and regulatory entanglement. Aided by technology, lenders, servicers, and their service providers are finding new ways to underwrite credit and account for credit risk. But big data can also mean big risk when it comes to fair lending. Elsewhere, our friendly federal regulators are stretching the boundaries of conduct that is encompassed by fair lending laws like the ECOA. Join us for this lively panel as we explore the intersection between these two competing interests.

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