April 04, 2024 - 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

Venable LLP

Why Can They Say That But I Can’t?

How to Challenge Your Competitors’ Advertising While Avoiding Being Targeted

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Your competitors are making impactful claims and running successful campaigns, but your attorneys and risk management team say you can’t because they violate the law. Competitive advertising is rampant, and companies can find themselves losing market share when their competitors make claims that are unsubstantiated or deceptive. What’s a marketer to do? The options are endless: sending cease and desist letters, filing lawsuits in state or federal court, filing a case with the National Advertising Division, dropping a dime to a regulator, or even engaging in your own competitive advertising, to name a few. But while each of these options has upsides, they are not without risk.

Join Venable attorneys Shahin Rothermel, Ari Rothman, and Claudia Lewis as they discuss how you can effectively challenge your competitors’ advertising, the pros and cons of various options, and how to reduce the risk that you’ll find yourself the target of a counter-challenge.


Claudia A. Lewis, Partner, Venable LLP
Shahin O. Rothermel, Partner, Venable LLP
Ari N. Rothman, Partner, Venable LLP