June 04, 2024


Demystifying Health Privacy and Managing Litigation Risk

This event has already occurred.

Venable partners Desirée Moore and Julia Tama and Venable counsel Brian Tengel presented the Lexology webinar “Demystifying Health Privacy and Managing Litigation Risk” on June 4, 2024.

Health privacy laws have begun to reach far beyond traditional healthcare providers to create obligations for a wide variety of organizations and activities not previously subject to such regulation, including many advertising and marketing activities. This session demystified the current health privacy landscape in the United States, with a timely preview of how the Washington My Health My Data law may evolve from enforcement through litigation after going into effect on March 31, 2024. Speakers offered practical compliance tips and market insights on the newest state health privacy laws, as well as their interplay with other state laws and Federal Trade Commission enforcement trends related to health and other sensitive data. The session included in-depth learning on the scope of Washington’s unique private right of action and ways to minimize litigation risk for your organization. Attendees were able to gain a broad understanding of this new frontier in privacy law and a tool kit for adapting their organizations’ practices as needed.

For more information and to view the recording, please click here.