October 13, 2011

Top Ten List of Best IP Practices

1 min

In September 2011, Marcella Ballard, a partner in Venable’s IP Litigation Practice Group, presented at the 7th Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection Conference in New York.  Her presentation covered a “Top Ten List” of best IP Practices to protect a global brand:

(1) strategize first and align your program with your company’s business plans;

(2) divide the world into key regions for your brand;

(3) apportion your budget with the division you did in step 2;

(4) secure your IP rights;

(5) partner with foreign associates;

(6) partner with third-party vendors;

(7) stay current;

(8) publicize your efforts;

(9) provide metrics; and

(10) avoid “Groundhog Day.” 

In the upcoming months, IP Buzz will publish articles providing an in-depth discussion of these best practices.