July 2013

A Collection of Venable's Nonprofit Legal Articles and Presentations from the Second Quarter of 2013

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Venable's Nonprofit Organizations Practice Group is pleased to share below the best articles, presentations, radio interviews, and recordings of our monthly in-house nonprofit luncheon programs/webinars by our attorneys. These quarterly digests are a collection of our most interesting and useful materials to help your organization as you tackle the always challenging array of legal issues facing nonprofits.  

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Venable's Nonprofit Organizations Practice Group

To read any of these articles, alerts, or presentations, or to listen to any of these recordings, please click on the title.

Federal Grant & Contract News for Nonprofits - June 2013 (Article)

Legal Fallout from Federal Conference Cutbacks (Article)

Nonprofits Operating in New York Must Disclose Donors, Itemize Spending for Election Advocacy and Issue Ads (Article)

Employee Leaves of Absence and Other Accommodations under the Law: What Every Nonprofit Needs to Know (Presentation) (Recording Available)

Social Media Legal Risks for Nonprofits: How to Successfully Navigate the Pitfalls (Presentation) (Recording Available)

Healthcare Reform in 2013: What Every Nonprofit Needs to Know (Presentation)

Tax-Exempt Financing for Tax-Exempt Organizations: Is Your Organization Eligible? Do the Benefits Outweigh the Costs? (Article)

Tax-Exempt Financing for Tax-Exempt Organizations: Is Your Nonprofit Eligible, and Do the Benefits Outweigh the Costs? (Presentation)

Antitrust Issues for Associations (Presentation)

Fixing the IRS: Improve the Application Process (Article)

Federal Grant & Contract News for Nonprofits - May 2013 (Article)

Legal Issues in International Philanthropy (Presentation)

Radio Interview on The Inner Loop about Recent IRS Nonprofit Scandal (Recording)

"Keeping Your Website Out of Legal Hot Water" for Nonprofit Spark Radio (Recording)

The Current IRS Firestorm over Conservative Political Nonprofits: Any Lessons for the Rest of the Tax-Exempt Community? (Article)

As Nonprofits Expand Their Global Reach, a Special Focus on Tax, Trademarks and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (Presentation) (Recording Available)

Revisiting "Force Majeure" for Nonprofit Meetings and Events (Presentation)

IRS Releases Final Report on Nonprofit Colleges and Universities Compliance Project: UBIT and Executive Compensation Lessons for All Tax-Exempt Organizations (Article)

Connecting the Dots on Health Care Reform: The Law, The Policy, and What It Means for Associations (Presentation)

Federal Grant & Contract News for Nonprofits - April 2013 (Article)

Overcome the Increased Scrutiny of Your Organization's Retirement Plan (Presentation)

Association Health Plans and Health Care Reform: A Trap for the Unwary (Article)

An Unfair Fight: IRS Enforcement of Intermediate Sanctions and the Lessons Learned from Recent Tax Controversies (Presentation) 

State Regulation of Nonprofit Organizations: Everything You Need to Know about Required State Filings for Your Nonprofit Organization (Presentation)

Public Policy and Politics: Compliance Tips for Your Nonprofit's Advocacy and Electoral Efforts (Presentation) (Recording Available)

Legal Risks for Associations in Social Media (Article)

So You Want to Create an App?: Important Legal Considerations for Nonprofits (Presentation)

"Common Pitfalls of Hiring and Managing Nonprofit Staff" for Nonprofit Spark Radio (Recording)