August 2013

Venable's Credit Counseling and Debt Services Digest

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Below is a list of the best of our credit- and debt-related legal articles and presentations published or delivered by our attorneys earlier this year.  We have put together some very interesting and useful materials that should be of help to your organization as you tackle the always challenging array of legal issues facing credit- and debt-related service providers.

To read any of these articles, alerts, or presentations, please click on the title.

What to Know about CFPB Supervision and Examination (Article)

Credit Counseling: Obstacles to Innovation and Path to Consumer Empowerment (Presentation)

Advertising and Marketing Law Fundamentals for Consumer Financial Products and Services (Presentation)

CFPB and Justice Department Team Up on Enforcement (Article)

CFPB Targets Service Provider in Real Estate Kickback Enforcement Action (Article)

Navigating Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Investigations and Enforcement Actions (Presentation)

Six Things to Know about the CFPB (Article)

EOUST Releases Final Rules for Bankruptcy Counseling and Debtor Education (Article)

What Lead Generators Need to Know about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (Presentation)

FTC's Updated .com Disclosures Guidance (Article)

Protecting Your Nonprofit Housing Counseling Agency's 501(c)(3) Status (Presentation)

IRS Denials of Tax-Exempt Status to Mortgage Foreclosure Assistance Providers Offer Lessons for Housing Counseling Agencies (Article)

What to Expect When You're Under a CFPB Investigation – Negotiating the Scope of the CID (Article)

CFPB Initiative to Promote Student Loan Payment Plans (Article)

Consumer Complaints Offer Insight into Enforcement and Regulatory Priorities (Article)

CFPB to Focus on Use of Social Media (Article)

IRS Examinations of Nonprofit Housing Counseling Agencies (Article)

Time for a Consumer Financial Protection Compliance Tune-up (Article)

2013 Outlook for Credit Counseling: A Legal and Regulatory Perspective (Article)

Upcoming Events

August 14-15, 2013 - "Point / Counterpoint: LeadGen and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau" at LeadsCon East 2013

Jonathan Pompan will present at LeadsCon East 2013 in New York, NY on August 15, 2013.  This session will provide an overview of the CFPB’s focus on lead generation and ways to avoid scrutiny.  The legal risks are different than in years past, and range from orders to shut down your business, civil monetary penalties, and prohibitions on advertising in the future to potential criminal referrals.  Learn best practices, and potential pitfalls from one of the CFPB’s own top enforcers and a leading industry attorney.

November 13, 2013 - "Understanding CFPB Enforcement and Supervision, and State Attorneys General and Regulatory Issues" at the Association of Credit Counseling Professionals Winter 2013 Conference

Jonathan Pompan will be providing a legal and regulatory update for credit counseling agencies at the Association of Credit Counseling Professionals (ACCPros) Winter 2013 Conference.  Topics that will be discussed include the latest developments from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, Internal Revenue Service, and state Attorneys General.