A Collection of Venable's Nonprofit Legal Articles, Presentations, and Recordings from the Fourth Quarter of 2014

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Venable's Nonprofit Organizations Practice Group is pleased to share below these articles, presentations, and recorded webinars by our attorneys. These quarterly digests are a collection of our most interesting and useful materials to help your organization as you tackle the always-challenging array of legal issues facing nonprofits. In case you missed it, please click here for the Collection of Venable's Nonprofit Legal Articles, Presentations, and Recordings from the Third Quarter of 2014.

To read or listen to any of these articles, presentations, or recordings, please click on the title.

Cross-Border Money Transfers: Key Requirements Every U.S.-Based Nonprofit Needs to Know (Presentation) (Recorded Webinar)

Two More FTC Cases Demonstrate the Antitrust Risk of Association Codes of Ethics (Article)

Updates on Fax Laws: Opt-Out Notices Required for All Fax Advertisements (Retroactive Waivers Recommended for Previous Noncompliant Faxes) (Article)

Federal Grant and Contract News for Nonprofits - December 2014 (Article)

Enforceability of Online Terms of Use: Guidance for Nonprofits from a Federal Appeals Court (Article)

LGBT, Religion, and Diversity in the Nonprofit Workplace (Presentation) (Recorded Webinar)

DC Nonprofits Subject to New Notice Requirement and Bigger Penalties under New Wage Theft Prevention Act (Article)

Legal Issues for Associations: Updated Best Practices for Speaker Management in a Virtual World (Presentation) (Recorded Webinar)

Nonprofits May Need to Amend Their Qualified Retirement Plans by Year-End to Recognize Same-Sex Spouses Retroactively – 403(b) Plans May Need to Be Amended Later (Article)

Groundbreaking (or Not) Ruling Holds Form 1023 Not Required upon Incorporation (Article)

Federal Grant and Contract News for Nonprofits - November 2014 (Article)

Enhancing the Nonprofit Governance Model: Legal Pitfalls and Best Practices (Presentation) (Recorded Webinar)

The ACA's Impact on Nonprofits: Preparing Your Group Health Plan (Presentation)

Nonprofit Fundraising: Top Ten Things to Know about Charitable Solicitation Regulation (Article)

Federal Grant & Contract News for Nonprofits - October 2014 (Article)

Active Overseas? What Every Nonprofit Needs to Know and Do to Minimize the Risk of Terrorist Financing (Article)

Legal Issues Pertaining to Philanthropy (Presentation)

Five Vital Legal Considerations for Nonprofits Developing a Mobile App (Article)

Fundraising 201: An Update on Managing the Legal Risks of Nonprofit Fundraising (Presentation) (Recorded Webinar)

Privacy and Data Security for Your Nonprofit: Understanding Your Client’s Legal Obligations and Minimizing Legal Risk (Presentation)

DOJ Letter on Cybersecurity Offers Guidance for Association-Sponsored Information Exchanges (Article)

Nonprofits and Intellectual Property: What Every State Regulator Needs to Know (Presentation)

Best Practices for Enhancing the Nonprofit Governance Model (Presentation)

Executive Employment Contracts: Getting Compliant and Creative (Presentation)

Fraud and Embezzlement: The Executive Team’s Role in Detecting, Reporting, and Preventing Fraud (Presentation)

Nonprofit Tax Issues: Where the IRS Is Today, and Where Congress Is Headed (Presentation)

New California Law Will Require Nonprofits to Provide California Employees with Paid Sick Leave (Article)

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