A Collection of Venable's Nonprofit Legal Articles, Presentations, and Recorded Webinars from the First Quarter of 2016

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Venable's Nonprofit Organizations Practice is pleased to share below these articles, presentations, and recorded webinars by our attorneys. These quarterly digests are a collection of our most interesting and useful materials to help your organization as you tackle the always-challenging array of legal issues facing nonprofits. In case you missed it, please click here for the Collection of Venable's Nonprofit Legal Articles, Presentations, and Recorded Webinars from the Fourth Quarter of 2015.

To read or listen to any of these articles, presentations, or recorded webinars, please click on the title.

Federal Grant & Contract News for Nonprofits – March 2016 (Article)

Election-Year Tips for Nonprofits: Employee Participation in the Political Process (Article)

Nonprofit Federal Award Recipients: Establishing an Ethical Culture, Appropriate Internal Controls, and a Collaborative Relationship with Your Federal Agency That Adds Value (Presentation) (Recorded Webinar)

Association TRENDS 2016 Legal Review (Article)

Federal Grant & Contract News for Nonprofits - February 2016 (Article)

IRS Announces Change in Form 990-N Submission Website Effective February 29, 2016 (Article)

Zika Virus: What It Does—and Does Not—Mean for Nonprofit Employers and their Pregnant Employees (Article)

Top "Must Have" Provisions for Nonprofit Meeting Contracts (Article)

U.S. Department of Labor Adopts Standard for Joint Employment Situations: What Does It Mean for Nonprofits? (Article)

The EEOC Proposes to Require Pay Data on EEO-1s: What Does This Mean for Nonprofit Employers? (Article)

EEOC Tackles Retaliation in Draft Update to Enforcement Guidance: How Nonprofit Employers Can Avoid Potential Pitfalls (Article)

Nonprof‎it Chapters and Affiliates: Finding Structures and Relationships that Address Your Challenges and Work Well for Everyone (Presentation) (Recorded Webinar)

A Broader Tax Exemption: Excluding Income Related to Governmental Functions (Article)

Federal Grant & Contract News for Nonprofits - January 2016 (Article)

Impact Investing and Nonprofits: Opportunities, Innovative Structures, and Creative New Ways to Raise Funds and Further Your Mission (Presentation) (Recorded Webinar)

What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know about Credit Card Payments: The Latest from PCI DSS (Article)

Pop Quiz: Regulatory Issues for Colleges Offering Financial Products to Students (Article)

Upcoming Events

April 11, 2016: "Self-Dealing and the Duty of Loyalty: Revisiting Sibley Hospital" at the Council on Foundations' 2016 Annual Conference

April 29, 2016: "Trade Association Update" at the 33rd Annual Representing and Managing Tax-Exempt Organizations, a Georgetown University Law Center Conference

May 17, 2016: "What You Don't Know Can Hurt You‎: Navigating Association Law without a Law Degree" at the American Society of Association Executives' Association Law for Non-Lawyers

May 19, 2016: Election-Year Activity: How Your Nonprofit Can Be Legally Active in the Political World (Venable monthly nonprofit program)

June 21, 2016: Investigating Employee Misconduct in the Nonprofit Workplace (Venable monthly nonprofit program)

August 15, 2016: "Nonprofit Fundraising and Revenue Generation through a Legal Lens: Everything Non-Attorneys Need to Know" at the American Society of Association Executives Annual Meeting and Exposition