A Collection of Venable's Nonprofit Legal Articles, Presentations, and Recorded Webinars from the Second Quarter of 2016

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Venable's Nonprofit Organizations Practice is pleased to share below these articles, presentations, and recorded webinars by our attorneys. These quarterly digests are a collection of our most interesting and useful materials to help your organization as you tackle the always-challenging array of legal issues facing nonprofits. In case you missed it, please click here for the Collection of Venable's Nonprofit Legal Articles, Presentations, and Recorded Webinars from the First Quarter of 2016.

To read or listen to any of these articles, presentations, or recorded webinars, please click on the title.

Federal Grant & Contract News for Nonprofits – June 2016 (Article)

Investigating Employee Misconduct in the Nonprofit Workplace (Presentation) (Recorded Webinar)

New U.S. Supreme Court False Claims Act Ruling: The Implications for Nonprofit Federal Contractors and Grantees (Article)

Transgender Employees and Restrooms in the Workplace: What Every Nonprofit Employer Needs to Know (Article)

Federal Grant and Contract News for Nonprofits – May 2016 (Article)

New York Nonprofit Revitalization Act Update (Article)

Donor Exposure: Dealing with a Charity in Trouble (Presentation)

Election-Year Activity: How Your Nonprofit Can Be Legally Active in the Political World (Presentation) (Recorded Webinar)

Setting up and Operating a Super PAC (Article)

What Every Nonprofit Should Know about the New Federal Rules Likely to Cause a Significant Increase in Your Non-Exempt Workforce and Overtime Pay (Article)

Compensable Time? What Nonprofits Need to Know Regarding Their Non-Exempt Employees (Article)

Chinese Government Passes Landmark Law Tightening Controls on Nonprofits (Article)

Continued Focus on Refining the Standards and Penalties under the False Claims Act May Lead to an Increase in Potential Liability for Nonprofit Grantees (Article)

Federal Grant and Contract News for Nonprofits – April 2016 (Article)

UBIT: What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know about Sponsorships, Advertising, Royalties, and Cause Marketing (Presentation) (Recorded Webinar)

Upcoming Events

July 11, 2016: Working Effectively with Outside Counsel: What Every Nonprofit Should Know (Venable monthly nonprofit program)

July 12, 2016: “How to Scope, Select and Use Outside Counsel” at the InsideNGO 2016 Annual Conference

August 15, 2016: "Nonprofit Fundraising and Revenue Generation through a Legal Lens: Everything Non-Attorneys Need to Know" at the American Society of Association Executives Annual Meeting and Exposition

August 17, 2016: Key Trademark and Copyright Developments Around the World: Implications for Nonprofits in China, Europe, Cuba, and Beyond (Venable monthly nonprofit program)

September 20, 2016: How to Protect Nonprofits' Federally Funded Programs with Global Anti-Corruption Controls, co-sponsored by Venable LLP and InsideNGO (Venable monthly nonprofit program)

October 17, 2016: "Operating Abroad: A Primer for US Nonprofit Operations Overseas" at the 2016 ACC Annual Meeting (Nonprofits Organizations Committee)