Advice for managing cyber risk, opportunity at the 2017 ICBA Convention, and more in this issue of Fund Forum

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This issue of Venable's Fund Forum discusses:

  • Cyber diligence and practical advice for managing cyber risk in the deal context
  • An optimistic outlook for community banks
  • Enterprise risk management advice for community banks
  • A tax update for VC funds
  • An examination of regulatory rules impacting the financial services industry
  • A spotlight on our team and panel at the ACG InterGrowth conference in Las Vegas
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Cyber Diligence and Practical Advice for Managing Cyber Risk in the Deal Context

Not a day goes by without news of a new cyberattack or data loss, across all industries and all sizes of organizations. The consequences of those attacks for the company can be dire—reputational harm, C-Suite turnover, and material diminution of shareholder equity. Although cyber issues are omnipresent for most companies, the period in and around an acquisition/divestiture transaction can be an especially sensitive moment for both purchasers and sellers. As neither data breaches nor deals are going anywhere, both purchasers and sellers need to develop a strategy to address this issue in the context of acquisitions

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Optimism and Opportunity at the 2017 ICBA Convention

The American landscape is dotted with community banks, a distinctly American institution. Although their assets are shrinking, they still constitute approximately 95% of all the American banks in existence, and although they hold less than a quarter of all the assets in the U.S., they are responsible for nearly half of the small business loans that Americans rely on to fuel our economy. Despite uncertainty, a sense of optimism was exhibited by ICBA members.

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Enterprise Risk Management in Community Banks: A Self-Help Guide

Community banks have learned over the past decade to take steps to help themselves. Amid the economic crisis and resulting regulatory firestorm of Dodd-Frank, banks that survived did so through a combination of consolidation, creative business plans, and basic ingenuity. This article discusses a self-help guide to enterprise risk management for community banks.

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Should You Pay Someone Else's Tax?

Should You Pay Someone Else's Tax? The answer is a resounding yes under the new U.S. tax audit rules applicable to VC funds organized as partnerships (including LLCs treated as partnerships) for U.S. federal income tax purposes. This article explores steps a VC fund may consider taking to mitigate this draconian outcome.

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Examination of the Federal Financial Regulatory System and Opportunities for Reform

On April 6, 2017, the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit held a hearing titled "Examination of the Federal Financial Regulatory System and Opportunities for Reform." The purpose of the hearing was to examine rules promulgated by the federal financial regulators and the ways that they impact the financial services industry.

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ACG InterGrowth 2017

April 24-26, 2017 | Las Vegas, NV

If you are attending InterGrowth in Las Vegas, we hope to see you there! Nine Venable attorneys will be joining nearly 2,000 dealmakers for three days of deal flow opportunities, powerful speakers, informative sessions, and commentary from leading M&A experts. Be sure to attend Chuck Morton's panel on Health Care Trends: Where You See Pockets of Opportunity on Monday, April 24, from 3:30 to 4:20 p.m.

InterGrowth is the middle market's primary source for networking and deal flow, bringing together M&A professionals from across the globe and all industry segments to offer attendees three key benefits: capital, connections, and deals.

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