FTC alters CID practice, the next TCPA frontier, and more in this issue of Advertising Law News & Analysis

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Seal of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission

FTC Announces Reforms to CID Practices

Last April, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced its intent to eliminate wasteful, unnecessary regulations and processes. In a press release last week, the FTC announced reforms to the Bureau of Consumer Protection's use of administrative subpoenas known as Civil Investigative Demands (CIDs). These reforms, write Venable attorneys Len Gordon and Alexandra Megaris in a recent blog post, are intended to minimize the burden on companies and make the process more transparent.

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mobile apps

In-App Messaging: The Next TCPA Frontier?

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and state telemarketing statutes are among the most litigated laws because they are a potential goldmine to plaintiffs' attorneys. In the July edition of Response magazine, Venable attorneys Dan Blynn and Steve Freeland write that a new and potentially costly frontier has emerged in the constant game of cat and mouse between technological advancement and new telemarketing regulation: in-app messaging.

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A Click in the Pants

Click fraud is a costly and irksome problem for online marketers. However, write Venable attorneys Doug Mishkin, Ari Rothman, and Lauren Stocks-Smith in the July edition of the DRMA Voice, few companies worry about a potentially costly and liability-laden source of click fraud: their own employees.

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Made in the USA

Made in America?

The White House proclaimed July 17th to be "Made in America Day" and designated last week as "Made in America Week." In a recent blog post, Venable partners Randy Shaheen and Amy Mudge wonder if anyone checked with the FTC, whose "all or virtually all" standard for "Made in USA" claims often leaves marketers confused about what claims they can and cannot support.

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Advertising Law Tool Kit

From the Tool Kit

Many consumers like to "buy American" and are willing to pay a premium to do so, but the specific guidance from the FTC, and some states, can be confusing. In the most recent edition of the firm's Advertising Law Tool Kit, Venable partners Amy Mudge and Randy Shaheen provide best practices for marketers considering "Made in USA" claims.

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2017 RMA Executive Summit

August 1, 2017 | Lake Tahoe, CA

The Executive Summit is an exclusive event for owners and top managers in the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry. This intimate gathering of 125 professionals provides attendees with the opportunity to network with other executives, have conversations with policymakers, and receive education on executive-level operations. Venable attorneys Jonathan L. Pompan and Alexandra Megaris will both join panel discussions on "Compliance Catch 22: Thriving in an Evolving Regulatory Environment" and "Adapting to Change: A General Counsel's Perspective."