January 31, 2019

Advertising Law News and Analysis

1 min

An Asterisk, Not an Afterthought

Adding an asterisk to product labels may be an elegant solution for marketers, but regulators and plaintiffs complain that such disclosures are ineffective, because consumers rarely read them. Venable's Len Gordon, Tyler Hale, and Elliot Kelly discuss a recent class action case growing from biotin supplements.

New Terms for Auto-renewals in the District

The government may have been shut down, but earlier this month the District of Columbia passed a new law regulating automatic renewal offers in the wake of MasterCard's tightening requirements on negative option marketing. Venable's Ellen Berge and Shahin Rothermel outline how the new law requirements, which are much stricter than those in some other states, will affect all companies that sell goods or services that automatically renew.