June 2021

Tax Insights | June 2021

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Our attorneys and professionals are analyzing the impact and implications of the Biden administration's tax proposals, along with other developments in the world of tax law. They have been in the news as sources and authors and have added their insights to Venable.com. Be sure to explore our entire insights collection.

Venable Attorneys in the News

Biden’s Capital-Gains Tax Proposal Puts Estate Planners to Work | Wall Street Journal

Tax lawyers are looking at two basic approaches—act now or wait it out—as the Biden administration's proposed tax increases signal a potential hit for wealthy Americans from higher taxes on investment income and new capital-gains taxes at death. Co-chair of Venable's East Coast Estate Planning Group, partner Ani Hovanessian weighs in.

G-7 Tax Plan: What We Know About the Global Corporate Tax Deal | Wall Street Journal

Seven wealthy countries have announced a plan to impose a minimum levy on multinational corporations and rewrite the rules governing how countries tax them, but policy makers around the world will need to make some tough choices before anything actually changes. The Journal talks to the co-chair of Venable's Transactional Tax Group, partner Friedemann Thomma.

Taxing the Terminator | Los Angeles Lawyer

With musicians losing two-thirds of their income in 2020, some artists turned to catalogue sales — which have hit historically high prices — as an alternative revenue stream. But can artists who previously sold their copyrights renegotiate their original deals to take advantage of the white hot catalogue market? Shane Nix and Sam Djahanbani of Venable's Entertainment Tax Group pen May's cover story.

Takeaways From 2 New FBAR Rulings | Law360

A March ruling from the Ninth Circuit means U.S. taxpayers who unintentionally fail to report to the IRS their interest in, or signatory authority over, foreign accounts with a total balance of over $10,000 can breathe a little easier, according to the piece's authors — Venable partner Friedemann Thomma, co-chair of the firm's Transactional Tax Group, and associate Marianna Felshtiner.

Tax Insights from Venable

8 Tax Proposals Keeping Us Up at Night, So You Can Sleep Better

Last month, the Treasury Department released its explanation of the tax proposals included in President Biden's fiscal year 2022 budget submission, often referred to as the "Green Book." The sweeping proposals include raising taxes on higher-income individuals and corporations, capital gains tax rate increases, new estate and gift tax provisions, and other changes that could have far-reaching and substantial consequences for our corporate and high-net-worth clients.

Tax Implications of the U.S. Investment in Infrastructure

We brought together Venable attorneys and professionals to discuss how the new administration and Congress may ultimately address the many issues revolving around U.S. infrastructure development.

You Asked, We Answered: Tax Implications of the U.S. Investment in Infrastructure

Some key points in Q&A style from the above webinar.

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4 Ways Biden's Infrastructure Package Could Become Law

What are the most (and least) likely ways in which an infrastructure package could become law?

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