July 2021

Infrastructure Round Up

2 min

At the end of June the Biden administration and centrist senators from both parties announced an infrastructure framework that includes nearly $600 billion in new spending. As Congress continues to iron out the details, our attorneys and professionals are analyzing the various angles of the deal in the news and on Venable.com. Be sure to explore our entire insights collection.

PFAS Legislation and Regulation: Increased Risk for Business

Efforts by regulators to address sites contaminated with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have drawn increased attention from Congress and the Biden administration. Members of our Legislative Group take a look at legislation that is moving to speed the cleanup of contaminated sites and to expand the EPA's authority to regulate PFAS.

Native American Tribes Are Expanding Their Economic and Political Influence

A part of the bipartisan agreement "Advancing Economic and Public Health Opportunities for Communities of Color" promises "critical investment" to advance "equity and racial justice throughout our economy," including for Indian Country. In this Q&A, members of our Native American Law and Policy practice discuss some of the most pressing issues facing tribes.

Four Burning Questions about the Bipartisan $1 Trillion Infrastructure Agreement

Members of our Legislative Group analyzed the June infrastructure framework and walked through questions about its pay-fors, the lack of funding for climate initiatives, the reconciliation rupture, and the possible timing of any final deal.

You Asked, We Answered: What's Next for Healthcare Under the Biden Administration

Many of the healthcare investments included in the administration's original American Jobs Plan were dropped from the recent bipartisan infrastructure agreement, though they may be included in a parallel reconciliation bill. In a recent webinar, members of our multidisciplinary healthcare team addressed the potential changes in store for the U.S. healthcare system.

Venable Attorneys in the News

The Law Firms with Native American Practices Get Ready for Busy Times Ahead | The National Law Journal

Law firms with practice areas dedicated to Native American issues are poised to benefit from increased activity in Congress. Kyle Scherer, a partner in Venable's Environmental and Natural Resources Group and co-chair of our Native American Law and Policy practice, weighs in.

Bipartisan group of senators reach deal on new infrastructure package | Logistics Management Magazine

One part of President Joe Biden's "think big" infrastructure package appears set to pass with bipartisan support. The other, more innovative infrastructure spending deal could be passed as a go-it-alone Democratic spending deal. Venable partner and former U.S. Secretary of Transportation Jim Burnley offers his perspective.

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