August 2021

Infrastructure Round Up

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The $1 trillion infrastructure bill passed by the Senate Tuesday in a 69-30 vote (including Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell voting yes) now moves to the House. But given the extent of partisan gridlock on the Hill, passage wasn’t a sure thing, and a related $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation debate is likely to cool any warm bipartisan vibes. As the Senate worked on the infrastructure package, our attorneys and professionals have been breaking down the potential outcomes – explore recent analysis below and our entire Infrastructure Outlook on

Will the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework Hold Together?

How did the bipartisan framework come together in the first place, and what might that aisle-crossing mean for other congressional work this year? Michael D. Bloomquist, the Honorable James H. Burnley IV, and James D. Reilly do a deep dive to explain the context.

Will Streamlined NEPA and Permitting Provisions Sink the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill?

The infrastructure bill includes some surprising provisions aimed at streamlining the process for preparing National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documents, environmental assessments, and environmental impact statements. Fred R. Wagner and Nathan Keithline look at how those provisions were likely a key factor in attracting Republican support for the bill.

Venable Attorneys in the News

Transportation Policy Developments to Watch: Midyear Report | Law360

Infrastructure funding legislation, air travel regulations, and electric and autonomous vehicle initiatives are some of the transportation industry's top priorities to watch in the latter half of 2021.Venable partner Fred Wagner weighs in.

Revived Trump Reforms in Infrastructure Bill Could Be Freight-Project Windfall | FreightWaves

Fred Wagner talks to FreightWaves for a story about how the bill’s provisions related to NEPA could mean an unexpected boost for large freight projects stalled by environmental permitting regulations.

How Will We Pay for the Biden Infrastructure Plan? | SupplyChainBrain

Venable partner Michael D. Bloomquist discusses the politics behind the passage of the infrastructure package.

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