August 05, 2022

Why Gig Platforms Should Be on Alert

1 min

On August 5, 2022, Alex Megaris, Mike Munoz, and Joshua Nace published “Why Gig Platforms Should Be on Alert” in Law360. The following is an excerpt:

Constant connectivity through smartphones has ushered in a new way for small businesses to connect with potential customers and gig workers looking for flexible employment. The emergence of companies like Uber Technologies Inc., GrubHub Inc., Airbnb Inc., DoorDash Inc., Taskrabbit Inc. and Angi Inc. has allowed for greater participation in today's booming gig economy, with 16% of all U.S. adults having reported earning money through an online gig platform in a 2021 survey. But as more customers, small businesses and workers rely on these platforms, scrutiny from regulators has also increased.

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