October 26, 2023

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New California Employment Laws For 2024

In 2024, California employers face new legislation impacting employment practices. Laws effective from January 1 include protection for off-duty cannabis users, expanded whistleblower safeguards, increased paid sick leave, and reproductive loss leave. Employers must also establish workplace violence prevention plans. Additionally, non-compete agreements face stricter scrutiny and require employee notification of their unenforceability. Employers should promptly update policies, train staff, and consider legal counsel to ensure compliance.

Sick of the Status Quo: NYC Issues Final Rule Amending Its Earned Safe and Sick Time Act

On September 15, 2023, the New York City Department of Consumer and Worker Protection issued a Final Rule (Final Rule) amending the Rules of the City of New York governing the Earned Safe and Sick Time Act (the Act). The Final Rule amends certain provisions of the Act, provides clarification and guidance previously missing on other provisions, and ensures that the text of the Act aligns more closely with the 2020 New York State Paid Sick Leave Law. These amendments will take effect on October 15, 2023, meaning that employers are under a tight time frame to bring their policies and practices into compliance with the updated rule. The most notable updates are highlighted below.

Education Roundup – Rules of the Road: Risk Management Processes for School-Sponsored Trips and Travel

As independent schools resume international trips and other student travel, it is imperative that school-sponsored student trips develop a risk management plan to ensure students' health and safety and to reduce schools' legal liability. Comprehensive risk management plans for student travel provide consistent standards for the consideration of proper chaperone ratios and rules, student health considerations, crisis management procedures, use of liability waivers, and post-trip evaluations and ensure that all school-sponsored student travel plans are properly vetted and approved by school leadership.

Tip of the Month

Todd HornTodd Horn: Many businesses project the need to reduce employee headcount in anticipation of increased economic headwinds. Doing so without a strategy that complies with the numerous state and federal laws that will come into play – WARN, OWBPA, ERISA, Title VII, among other – creates risk of liability and expensive lawsuits.

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