November 08, 2012

Law360 quotes Jonathan Pompan on future of Dodd-Frank reforms following the election

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Venable of counsel Jonathan Pompan was quoted in a November 7, 2012 Law360 article on the future of Dodd-Frank reforms following Tuesday’s election. President Obama’s reelection and victories by Senate Democrats will likely spur regulators to take a tougher stance against banks that have fought against the Dodd-Frank reforms.

"The result is that anyone [who] was banking on any significant changes in the opposite direction of where these agencies were headed will need to evolve and reassess their approach," said Pompan commenting on the election’s implications to the financial industry. “While the president was involved in the fierce campaign against his Republican challenger, regulators may have held back on bringing out some of their more hotly debated rules and taken a more cautious approach with enforcement actions,” Pompan added.