June 16, 2016

New York Observer features Larry Norton’s cease and desist letter over campaign advertising

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In a June 16, 2016 article, the New York Observer featured excerpts of a cease and desist letter written by Venable partner Larry Norton on behalf of Fanjul Corp. to the congressional campaign of New York Assemblyman Keith Wright. The letter is in response the campaign material claiming Fanjul is a major contributor to Wright’s opponent.

"You are certainly aware that it is unlawful for corporations to make contributions in connection with any election of any candidate for federal office," Norton wrote. "Wright 2016 has mischaracterized personal contributions by employees of Fanjul Corp. as illegal contributions by their corporate employer. This misrepresentation by the campaign, which has been repeated in media reports, has caused, and continues to cause, irreparable harm to the company."

Norton's letter also takes issue with literature from the Wright campaign alleging labor abuse at Fanjul's sugar plantations. "These allegations regarding workers and other labor issues are false and misleading," he wrote. "If Wright 2016 is unwilling or unable to comply with the above demands, Fanjul Corp. will consider taking appropriate action to protect its rights, up to and including pursuit of administrative and injunctive remedies, and all damages, costs, and attorneys’ fees available to Fanjul Corp. under applicable law."