March 01, 2023

Ariel Wolf Testifies Before Kentucky Lawmakers on Regulation of Autonomous Vehicles

1 min

On March 1, 2023, Ariel Wolf testified before the Kentucky House of Representatives Standing Committee on Transportation on House Bill 135, which seeks to establish a regulatory framework for the operation of fully autonomous vehicles on Kentucky’s public highways. Mr. Wolf testified on behalf of the Automated Vehicle Industry Association, for which he serves as general counsel.

Although the technology may still be several years down the road, proponents of the bill say a regulatory framework is needed now. “It would provide for the safe and swift deployment of such vehicles,” Mr. Wolf told station WKYT following the hearing, “in following several other states, 20, that have a similar construction.”

House Bill 135 was passed by the committee and will proceed to the House floor.

Click here to access the WKYT article and here to access Mr. Wolf’s full testimony.