December 09, 2016 - 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET

The Present and Future Role of State Attorneys General in Consumer Financial Services Regulation and Enforcement

This event has already occurred.

State attorneys general have become increasingly involved in consumer financial services investigations and enforcement, a trend that is expected to continue into the next presidential administration. Whether involving a single state attorney general or multiple attorneys general, investigations and litigation can lead to high costs, administrative burdens, distractions, and reputation damage. Often there may be parallel investigations by federal agencies, and risks and exposure from private litigation.

Among other things, the panel will address:

  • The types of laws and regulations enforced by state attorneys general.
  • The role of consumer complaints and other factors that influence investigation priorities;
  • What to expect during individual, multistate, and federal co-investigations and litigation, including negotiating the scope of the inquiry, the settlement process, and litigation considerations;
  • How state attorneys general exchange information and coordinate with state regulators and federal agencies (e.g., CFPB, FTC, banking agencies);
  • Ways to minimize enforcement overreach, including education efforts, voluntary industry self-regulation initiatives, and how to respond to inquiries.

Our panel includes a former U.S. Senator and Arkansas State Attorney General, a former Chief Deputy Attorney General of Alabama, a former CFPB Enforcement Attorney, and other seasoned attorneys who will share their experiences from the front lines of defending clients against investigations and litigation brought by state attorneys general.

Mark L. Pryor, Esq., Venable LLP
Kevin L. Turner, Esq., Venable LLP
Allyson B. Baker, Esq., Venable LLP
Jonathan L. Pompan, Esq., Venable LLP
Meredith L. Boylan, Esq., Venable LLP
Alexandra Megaris, Esq., Venable LLP