April 08, 2020 - 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET

Venable LLP and The ALS Group

COVID-19 Has Shut Down Your Construction Project. Is There Insurance for That?

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COVID-19 is disrupting construction and development projects nationwide. When your business is faced with deadlines to complete pending projects, city and state orders shutting down non-essential construction, and substantial labor and supply chain disruptions, will your insurance policies provide any coverage for the extra expenses and losses you incur? This webinar, presented by a slate of Venable insurance litigators and real estate attorneys and Al Sica, founder of the insurance and risk management firm The ALS Group, will consider those questions and some of the key legal and business issues that developers, owners, and contractors may face in the coming months and years.


Sue Golden, Partner, Venable LLP

Jessie Beeber, Partner, Venable LLP

Patrick Boyle, Partner, Venable LLP

Sarah Cronin, Partner, Venable LLP 

Albert Sica, Founder and Managing Principal, The ALS Group