January 05, 2024 | Los Angeles Lawyer

Governmental Support for Accessory Dwelling Units

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Ellia Thompson and Caythar Nene published “Governmental Support for Accessory Dwelling Units" in the December 2023 issue of Los Angeles Lawyer. The following is an excerpt:


It is clear the state legislature has priori­tized construction of ADUs as a key strategy to address the state's ongoing housing crisis. As more regulatory hur­dles are removed from California ADU law, we can expect this expanding mar­ker to accelerate production and provide more stability and opportunities for both homeowners and renters. However, the actual process for permitting ADUs (including the subdivision process) can be unclear and vary among jurisdictions since many of the new statutes still allow the local municipalities to deter­mine how, and in some cases, to what extent, they would incorporate the new state laws.


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