Environmental Criminal Enforcement

Venable's Environmental and White Collar Litigation Practice Groups leverage extensive, first-hand experience to guide clients through all facets of environmental enforcement, including high-stakes criminal matters.

With team members who have held positions in the Justice Department Environment Division and in a major U.S. Attorney's office focusing on investigation and prosecution of environmental crimes, we have handled enforcement matters as both prosecutors and defense counsel.

In an effort to avoid civil or criminal cases, our team can assist clients with responding effectively and efficiently to government requests for information and investigations. Our multi-disciplinary approach combines detailed knowledge of complex state and federal environmental regulatory schemes with extensive trial defense and appellate court experience to help keep enforcement matters from becoming criminal investigations. In the instances where an investigation or enforcement action does turn into a criminal matter, our team is fully prepared to defend clients at all stages of the investigation and prosecution.

Equally important, disciplined implementation of a risk-based compliance plan is often the best defense to demonstrate an organization's commitment to environmental compliance and corrective action to a potential prosecutor if violations are revealed. Well-crafted and executed internal compliance plans can also promote meaningful community engagement to establish positive relationships between an organization that must manage environmental risks and its neighbors. We assist clients in the development of internal auditing and compliance plans that can identify potential problems before they develop into a government enforcement matter.