March 08, 2021

Labor and Employment Newsletter

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Bringing Unionized Employees Back to Work Safely and Economically

Michael Volpe, Ben Stockman, and Danielle Lawrence published "Bringing Unionized Employees Back to Work Safely and Economically" in Bloomberg Law where they described how employers with unionized workforces must hold maintaining a safe workplace as the top priority while keeping in mind long-term economic planning in uncertain times.

Labor and Employment During the First 100 Days Under the Biden Presidency

In a little more than a month, President Biden has already implemented important changes to labor and employment policies that will have significant implications for employers. As the Biden administration continues to reverse the previous administration’s policies and signal more changes over the coming months, employers need to be ready to align their business practices with new statutes and related regulations. Click below for some key takeaways for employers.

Education Roundup – Returning to the Classroom: COVID-19 Considerations for the 2021-2022 School Year

Educational institutions were forced to act swiftly and decisively to deliver their programs in new ways in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While many schools brought students and employees back to campus in either hybrid or fully open operations this school year, and others have remained virtual, the introduction of a COVID-19 vaccine has started to change the landscape for educational institutions for the remainder of this school year, and the outlook for the 2021-2022 school year. Schools hoping to return to 100% in-person learning in the fall should begin to prepare their policies and protocols to help to return the school community to campus safely.

Labor and Employment Attorneys in the News

On February 26, 2021, Nick Reiter was quoted in Above the Law on the increased demand for labor and employment attorneys in the pandemic era. According to the article, the COVID-19 pandemic has put labor and employment attorneys in the hot seat as clients need more advice than ever.

Danielle Lawrence was selected to participate in the LCLD Pathfinder mentoring program. The Pathfinder program is designed for diverse, high-potential, early-career attorneys at LCLD member organizations. The goal of this program is to provide the Pathfinders with practical tools for developing and leveraging critical career development strategies, including leadership and the building of professional networks.