March 19, 2024

Social Media, Influencers, and Endorsements

Ad Law Tool Kit Show - Episode 8

26 min

Ad Law Toolkit Show A Venable PodcastAdvertisers increasingly view social media as an opportunity to have influencers speak positively about their products and services. But the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has made it clear that rules regarding disclosure of material connections also apply in the social media context. Host Shahin Rothermel and her guest, Venable partner Melissa Steinman, go over guidelines that include straightforward declarations like "X Company gave me a free product" or hashtags like #ad, emphasizing upfront, noticeable disclosures. Specific rules apply for different content formats, urging companies to monitor and educate employees and third-party implementers to prevent regulatory issues.

Host: Shahin Rothermel

Guest: Melissa Steinman


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