Construction Law: Americans with Disabilities Act

With deeply held beliefs in the critical protections the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides, our dedicated team applies its broad experience to advise clients on the proper inclusion of ADA requirements and help defend against related claims.

Our attorneys offer counsel in both the public and private sectors on each of the individual titles of the ADA. We counsel clients through the public space and public transportation requirements, and provide guidance on telecommunications matters, design considerations, and other issues. Our lawyers have counseled commercial and residential developers, small business owners, schools and universities, and various public entities on ADA compliance. We also routinely work with theaters, restaurants, hospitals, and other organizations on applicable ADA considerations.

Our team is also adept at identifying and defending against "professional plaintiffs," or those who seek to capitalize on certain fee provisions of the ADA and other forms of monetary relief that may be awarded for ADA violations. Whether in state or federal court or before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), we have experience successfully defending against those who attempt to unfairly leverage the ADA.

The benefits of the ADA are vastly important in protecting the rights of disabled individuals, and the Venable team works diligently to uphold those protections by enforcing the law for its proper purpose.