Construction Law: Procurement

Having established a widely esteemed procurement model, Venable's Construction Law Group works with both corporate leaders and government agencies to simplify their procurement operations and achieve their project goals.

Our Construction Law Group has worked on numerous major procurement projects across the country, providing advice on the RFP process, negotiating contracts, and managing purchasing, procurement, and bidding. Working directly with our clients’ procurement and purchasing departments, as well as in-house counsel and management, we carefully assess our clients’ needs, develop bespoke procurement strategies, and help to prepare RFPs and related contracts. Beyond the submission deadline, we help narrow the field through an exacting review process designed to ensure the selection of the most suitable candidate. Once a selection is made, our group leads the contract negotiation process through to its conclusion.

Our transparent, collaborative, end-to-end service is a particular benefit to our clients, especially those in the government sector. We have provided extensive counsel to government agencies on ways to maximize the benefits of the procurement and RFP process, on how to defend against bid protests, and on vetting candidates. To ensure continuity of service and help avoid delays or inefficiencies, our attorneys customarily work in coordinated teams from project start to finish. This approach helps us both foresee problems and prevent them from occurring, and quickly and efficiently address those that arise.