Construction Law: Mechanic's Liens

Venable’s Construction Law Group has extensive experience defending against and prosecuting mechanic’s lien claims, recognizing that a swift resolution of the matter is of foremost importance for all involved parties.

Our attorneys have litigated mechanic's lien cases on behalf of owners, architects, engineers, contractors, and subcontractors in jurisdictions across the country and are familiar with the disparities in state law. Whether preparing, filing, or serving mechanic's liens, we work directly with the parties to resolve the matter efficiently. Should the parties fail to come to an agreement, we don’t hesitate to litigate the claim.

When working with owners or when dealing with mechanic's liens claims made against the prime contractor by a subcontractor, our team will mount a robust defense against the claim. Similarly, when analyzing change-order or delay claims, or assessing whether the scope of work calls for a schedule extension, our attorneys have the experience necessary to bring about a satisfactory resolution.