Lead Generation

Ad Law Tool Kit Show - Episode 4

30 min

Ad Law Toolkit Show A Venable PodcastIn the realm of lead generation and performance-based customer acquisition, pursuing profits carries significant legal risks. Host Shahin Rothermel is joined by Venable partners Jonathan Pompan and Ari Rothman to talk about how advertisers should heed crucial best practices to mitigate these risks. These include understanding regulations governing communication with leads, compliance measures, online contract formation, lead qualification, cautious approaches to upsells and consent, and monitoring endorsements for Federal Trade Commission (FTC) compliance to avoid liabilities arising from misleading claims or noncompliance with regulations. The quest for profits can lead to big legal risks, some of them too large for advertisers that buy leads through third parties.

Host: Shahin Rothermel

Guests: Jonathan Pompan and Ari Rothman


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