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National Law Journal, 2015



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Appropriations and federal grants

Congressional investigations

Congressional testimony

Crisis management

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Many Venable attorneys and Legislative professionals have had distinguished careers in the government, including as

    Cabinet Secretaries

    Members of Congress

    U.S. House and Senate staff

    White House staff

They also have extensive experience working in or with federal departments and agencies, such as

    AmeriCorps VISTA

    Commodity Futures Trading Commission

    Department of Commerce

    Department of Health and Human Services

    Department of Homeland Security

    Department of Energy

    Department of the Interior

    Department of Housing and Urban Development

    Department of Justice

    Department of Labor

    Department of State

    Department of the Treasury

    Department of Transportation

    Federal Communications Commission

    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

    Federal Reserve Board

    Federal Trade Commission

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration

    Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

    Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs of the Office of Management and Budget

    Securities and Exchange Commission

    as well as positions in state and local governments

Legislative and Government Affairs

get your message across

Facing roadblocks to get your message to Congress or in front of an executive branch agency? Do you have adequate resources to do so? Do they have the experience needed to get you that access?

We know the ropes. The substance and the players. The context and the subtext. From the outside and the inside.

Our team of former members of Congress, congressional staff, Cabinet members and key agency professionals knows how to produce results. They are work horses, not show horses. They can ensure that your message is heard by people who can help.


Legislative and Government Affairs image

Who do you need on the team?

People who understand your business and what you are seeking from the government. Venable attorneys and legislative professionals know whom to target and how to reach them with a persuasive message that will help you to achieve the outcomes you desire.

Will you need action on more than one front?

Perhaps. We’ll begin by bringing in just the right people to attack the issue you face. The idea: cut to the heart of the matter and get the right attorneys to solve it. We’re ready with cross-disciplinary resources you may need—legislative, regulatory, policy formation, litigation—that work to help you obtain the results you seek.

If there is a congressional investigation or federal agency proposed rulemaking, how will it impact your company and business?

If you’re being investigated, are called to testify before a congressional committee or are involved in an action taken by a federal agency, the single most important thing you can do is be well prepared. You can exponentially increase the possibility of a positive outcome by retaining qualified counsel.

Venable can help your company develop a multi-faceted response strategy that:

  • unambiguously tells your side of the story;
  • minimizes any collateral damage from an investigation; and
  • prevents the dissemination of privileged, confidential or propriety information, to the greatest extent possible.

Based on years of experience, our team has established good-faith working relationships with congressional or executive branch staff. As a result, we can take over primary responsibility for the response, gathering the appropriate documents, reviewing them for substance, cataloguing them and delivering them to staff investigators.

How do we help you mitigate the risk of an investigation?

To determine if there is possible civil or criminal exposure, it is important that your law firm conduct an internal investigation. Any information discovered during the process will be protected by attorney-client privilege.

Many Venable attorneys are former prosecutors who are experienced at handling investigations. We become your interface with the committee or agency involved, and you get back to managing your company.

What is the best course for finding government support for your project?

Venable’s lobbying team has a long record of success when it comes to securing appropriations for clients. Our long-standing experience with the appropriations process—including relationships with members of the Appropriations Committees and key congressional staff—enables our team to identify applicable funding sources and garner support for funding requests.

We can also work with you to obtain funding through the federal grant process. Our extensive knowledge of federal agencies and federal procurement processes and rules allows us to target the available funding programs best suited for your needs.

Is selling to the government one of your goals?

We have extensive experience in finding opportunities for products, services and technologies in government procurement programs. In this highly specialized area, we work with Venable’s nationally renowned Government Contracts attorneys.

Are taxes hindering the success of your business?

Venable’s tax policy professionals include former staff of the Congressional tax writing Committees and the Joint Committee on Taxation who develop and execute legislative strategies to further our clients’ interests in specific legislation and on broad-based tax reform proposals.

We assist clients whose interests may be affected by tax legislation already enacted—as well in providing a voice on pending legislation being considered by Congress. Our targeted tax policy strategies may include:

  • drafting new legislation and supporting material;
  • proposing changes to existing legislation; or
  • advocating specific positions on legislation pending before Congress.

We can also represent you on tax policy matters involving the Treasury Department, Internal Revenue Service and offices within the Executive Branch. That may include, for example, meetings with senior Executive Branch officials regarding specific tax issues being considered by the government. We have submitted comments to the Treasury Department on behalf of industry groups with respect to proposed administrative rulemakings. In addition, we have represented clients seeking guidance from the IRS regarding specific tax issues.

Clearly, what happens in Washington affects your business. When proposed legislation would increase your costs or limit your opportunities, you want to be heard. And when agency officials are writing regulations you’ll have to deal with every day, they need to know your side of the story.

We make it our business to understand the issues you face. Our reputation and relationships in Washington give you a seat at the table and a powerful network of contacts on Capitol Hill and throughout the executive branch.