operating at the intersection of commerce and government

There is virtually no aspect of business untouched by government regulation.  And with the federal government continuously embarking on new regulatory initiatives, businesses today face an increasingly daunting set of regulatory challenges—and ominous consequences for non-compliance.

Venable knows Washington's regulatory environment from the inside out. Many of our attorneys and legislative advisors came to the firm from distinguished careers in federal and state government.  We monitor the regulatory horizon with an eagle's eye, anticipating rough spots your business may face and helping shape regulatory policy.  Our attorneys help you remain in compliance, avoid government inquiries and, if necessary, manage investigations.

We have guided Fortune 500 corporations, mid-sized and smaller companies, and nonprofits through Washington's regulatory labyrinth.  In short, Venable understands the vehicles of government, we know the people who drive them, and we have the experience to provide solutions when Washington creates regulatory roadblocks.

What we bring to the table:  Knowledge and credibility

In the high-stakes areas of government regulation, there is no substitute for experience.  Our cumulative knowledge of government's inner workings and the relationships we have built and maintain are invaluable to our clients.

Nearly 100 of our attorneys worked in government before joining our firm.  Our team includes many who held high-ranking and distinguished positions within the federal government, including a former U.S. attorney general, a U.S. senator, and a cabinet secretary.  Many others were top-ranking officials in positions throughout the executive and legislative branches, including many senior leaders at agencies responsible for regulatory initiatives.

What we do: Providing you a crucial voice throughout the regulatory process

As the regulatory process moves forward, will your company's concerns be considered and addressed?  We make sure that they are.  We engage in the process formally by providing public comment and testimony, and informally by initiating discussions and negotiations with key regulatory officials.  We give you a voice in the process and ensure that it is heard.

Our immersion in Washington, DC also means that we are able to serve as an early warning system for your business.  We anticipate hurdles you may face and help you avoid them.  As new regulations take effect, we help you develop programs to ensure compliance.

Should an investigation begin, we help you respond appropriately.  Because of our experience in regulatory matters, we are often able to resolve matters quickly and prevent them from becoming formal enforcement actions.  When enforcement does result, we provide strategic defense.

Policies set in Washington can have significant implications for your business.  Venable has a long record of helping clients navigate this regulatory environment.  Across a broad swath of industries, we provide strategic counsel where business, policy and government regulations intersect.